December 27, 2018


As part of ancient tradition, New Year festivities are celebrated around the world to recognize the year of hard work, have a good rest, relax with the family, and to wish for a lucky and prosperous coming year.
And so the Year of the Fire Rooster begins!
Chinese astrology says that the Year of the Rooster will be a prevailing one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward. People must stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures.
As the year of the Fire Rooster connotes that fortune will favor hard work, practical decisions and investment, followed by celebration, FOTON’s New Year’s Blast promotion embraces this and welcomes the New Year with compelling pricing for its passenger vehicle variants.


FOTON’s New Year’s Blast Promo showcases FOTON’s best-selling passenger vehicles, beginning with its expansive Van line, easily the widest compared to any other automotive brand in the Philippines, and known for being perfect for either business or family applications. Under the promotion, the FOTON View Traveller is available for as low as Php128,000 downpayment, while the View TransVan is available at Php98,000 low down payment.
Even more compelling is the 7-seater FOTON Gratour, which is offered at a low monthly amortization of only Php4,591. That’s owning a fully-capable 7 seater van for as low as Php153 per day – less than the price of a daily lunch and commute!
Leading the charge are the brand’s SUV, the FOTON Toplander, which is made available at an all-in low down payment as low as P 58,000, while the second-generation pickup truck, the Thunder, comes at an all-in low down payment of only PhP28,000 for the Thunder E, and PhP38,000 for the Thunder 4×2 Cummins edition.
FOTON’s New Year’s Blast runs from January 5 to March 31, 2016. Apart from big savings, the all-in low down payment schemes come with FREE comprehensive insurance with acts of nature, chattel mortgage fee, and a 3-year LTO registration. In addition, The FOTON View TransVan, Thunder E and Gratour are covered by a three-year warranty while the FOTON Toplander, View Traveller and Thunder 4×2 Cummins have five-year warranties!
You couldn’t be luckier anywhere else! Visit the nearest FOTON dealership today and welcome the Year of the Rooster with your brand new vehicle under FOTON’s New Year’s Blast!