December 26, 2018

VIEW TRAVELLER COTY Best Van for 2013-2014!

The FOTON View Traveller: More Than a Contender


 Within just one month of its public launch at the Foton Big Show 2013: Driven by Vision, FOTON’s latest commercial vehicle, the View Traveller, made enough of a positive impression on the member-judges of the Car Awards Group, Inc. to take home the highest award for a vehicle in its segment: The Car Awards Group Best Van for 2013-2014.


 Unveiled publicly last October 25 at the 2013 FOTON Big Show, the View Traveller qualified for the early November testing schedule organized by the country’s only independent automotive testing body. Composed of over two dozen of the country’s most experienced and respected motoring journalists – from automotive magazine and newspaper motoring section editors, to motoring TV and radio show hosts, to motoring website owners – the Car Awards Group, Inc. or CAGI has tested and awarded new vehicles in various segments since 2004, culminating with the award for Car of the Year – Philippines, which is selected from the individual category winners.

Built in a state-of-the-art and environment-friendly assembly plant in Wiefang City, Shandong Province in northeastern China, the View Traveller is the next evolution of the original View Traveller, itself a popular choice among small to medium enterprises and passenger shuttle operators. The View Traveller distinguishes itself from its predecessor with a new body built on an entirely new platform; and a world-class engine from technical partner Cummins, makers of the most durable and reliable diesel motors in the world.

Producing 130hp and 280Nm, this new turbocharged diesel powerplant quickly and quietly moves the View Traveller along the road, even when fully weighed down with passengers and their luggage. The interior volume has been maximized to provide long-range comfort for all passengers equally, not just those in front. High-capacity vans frequently suffer from limited space, or legroom, between rows, but with an overall length of 5.38m and width of 1.92m, the View Traveller addresses this problem right from the assembly line. “Surprising leg room, even in the back rows”, observed CAGI tester Mika Fernandez-David, COO/Assistant Publisher and Motoring Editor of Gadgets Magazine; while CAGI Vice-President for Internal Relations and Daily Tribune-Motoring Section Head Bam S. Olivares noted that the View Traveller’s cavernous interior makes it “A van that could fit more than one family”. With seating for 15 occupants, the View Traveller can easily accommodate two families of seven. Almost all of the vehicle’s full-size seats recline; allowing passengers to nap while in transit, or simply lean back at a more relaxed angle. Other seating configurations will soon be available.


The View Traveller’s suspension has been meticulously calibrated to provide a better ride than most van owners will expect. With 170mm of ground clearance, the front independent double wishbone and torsion bars soften the View Traveller’s ride, while the rear leaf spring suspension assures a high payload capacity before bottoming out. “It rides more comfortably than a Toyota Grandia”, said Christopher “Beeboy” Bargas, CAGI tester and Associate Off-Road Editor for Top Gear Philippines; high praise coming from an authority on the subject of ride comfort and vehicle stability.


Apart from being the longest and widest in its class, the View Traveller is taller than most vans, with an overall height of 2.285m courtesy of its extended roof. This enables passengers up to 5’5” to stand straight inside the cabin while boarding or switching rows. “It’s big and has a lot of space. Plus you’ll be surprised it feels like a car when you drive it”, mentioned CAGI tester Ronald de los Reyes, Associate Producer of Auto Review and a columnist for Interaksyon. The View Traveller’s car-like quality is a result of diligent engineering and thorough testing. “I got to test the View Traveller on FOTON’s multi-surfaced test track in China and the input required to operate it was pleasantly light – from the steering, to the pedals, to the shift lever. The ride was also very compliant over the bumpy portions of the track”, said CAGI tester Steven Edward Yu, Editor-in-Chief of Brand magazine, Motoring writer for Business World.


“Apart from its space for 15 passengers, the View Traveller also represents a highly practical and economical mode of commercial transport if the seats are removed”, Yu added. The View Traveller’s 130hp/280Nm Cummins ISF 2.8 16-valve turbocharged, Bosch-CRDI engine is the perfect powerplant for the View Traveller’s robust, 2255kg body and is capable of returning fuel consumption values between 13-18 kilometers per liter, minimizing fuel costs to owners and operators alike. Furthermore, FOTON’s broad service network and quick response time ensures that these engines perform constantly at peak efficiency.


Priced very competitively against its rivals at PhP1.299M, the versatile and frugal View Traveller is an excellent value-for-money proposition that is only made more attractive with the inclusion of standard equipment such as load-adjustable halogen headlamps, fog lamps, MP3/CD-capable audio system, four speakers, power windows, a high-mounted third brake light, keyless entry and central locking. Furthermore, the View Traveller raises the bar for Chinese vehicles by offering the same safety features found on its Japanese and Korean counterparts: Bosch ABS+EBD, dual SRS airbags and individual 3-point, pre-tensioner seat belts. All these come with every FOTON View Traveller at no extra cost.


To check out the FOTON’s best and biggest van to date, visit your nearest FOTON dealership or call the FOTON hotline (02) 451-2929 or 0999-9999998 to schedule a viewing or possibly a test drive and see for yourself why the “Car Awards Group Inc. Best Van for 2013-2014” winner will win your hearts as well. Visit their website at