December 27, 2018


In photo (L-R): FOTON La Union Dealer Principal Rey Hao, FOTON China Representative Eric Zhang, FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. President Rommel Sytin, Bauang Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin De Guzman III, FOTON La Union Dealer Principals Adrian Gabriel Go, Khenrik Tan, Gerald Angeles and Daniel Bolong III


2018 may be coming to a close, but that hasn’t stopped FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) from expanding their dealership network.


More businessmen and families will now be able to purchase their own vehicle after FOTON has opened its 26th dealership in the country last November 8, 2018 – FOTON Bauang, La Union.


Located along the stretch of Manila North Road, Baccuit Sur in Bauang, FOTON La Union boasts of top-notch facilities to cater to 3S (Sales, Service and Spares) requirements of customers. Showcasing a glassy-modern-feel in its showroom, the two-story facility sits on a floor area of almost 4,000 square meters which houses a 500-sqm vehicle display area and 9 service bays to answer and support the needs and demands of an increasing customer base.


In addition to the diverse range of passenger and commercial vehicles, the new dealership is fully stocked to enable aftersales services like express maintenance, body and paint repair along with the availability of parts supplies. FOTON La Union is backed by a team of well trained professionals and service personnel as well.


The dealership is under the management of Absolute Advantage, Inc. – a team of young and dynamic circle of friends who later became business partners in the names of Mr. Adrian Gabriel Go, Mr. Khenrik Tan, Mr. Daniel Bolong III, Mr. Gerald Angeles, and Mr. Rey Hao.


photo 1

FOTON La Union Dealer Principal Adrian Gabriel Go in his speech


FOTON La Union President Adrian Gabriel Go shared how the idea of putting up FOTON La Union began. “We are actually a group of friends. We’re athletes. We’re Rotarians who just sat down to share insights about the businesses that we want to venture in. During that time, the first few things that were suggested were food or service-oriented businesses because that’s where majority of us are already familiar with particularly with its operations.”


“Until one day, these young people approached our Dealer Development Head Alvin Lu, showing their interest in having a dealership.” continued Rommel Sytin, president of FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc.


“Luckily, we were able to fulfil the dream of having an automotive dealership through the trust of FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc.” Added Go. “It’s really amazing because we haven’t thought of having the opportunity to put up something this big.” noted Go.



FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. President Rommel Sytin


Sytin noted, “Our team was really flattered when they came up to me. Though as a heads up, I told them that if they’re looking for luxurious and sports cars, this isn’t the right brand for them as all of our vehicles are specially designed for business and families.”


He continued, “Surprisingly, without a doubt, these young men chose to go for FOTON because of the wider target market and higher possible volume of sales through borders and fleet.”


The opening of FOTON La Union also serves as a huge milestone because it is the brand’s first dealership to cater the complete lineup of Passenger Vehicles, Light Duty Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks and Heavy Equipment.


“We are very optimistic when it comes to our brand. Just recently we went to FOTON China to witness how standard and global the production is, and I can say that malakas ang ating laban.” said Go.


Popular for its softbroom and tourism industry, La Union’s economy is diversified with service, manufacturing, and agricultural industries spread throughout the province.  Bauang, La Union Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin De Guzman III said, “It was a year ago when we broke the ground for this dealership and as you can see, it’s now already a marker of progress.”




Eulogio Clarence Martin De Guzman III, Mayor of Bauang in La Union


When asked about his relationship with the boys of Absolute Advantage, the municipal mayor jokingly exclaimed, “Eto yung mga iniiwanan ko sa triathlon eh!” After a while, he told the boys just like what a father does, “I am really overwhelmed with your success. I couldn’t be more proud of you, guys.”


FOTON Philippines President also shared how special the province of La Union has been to him. “Bauang is not new to me. When I was a young boy, every summer, my father who works for the tobacco industry brings me here. I used to help him cultivate tobacco in La Union and Pangasinan.”


And just 11 years after the brand’s incorporation in the Philippines, FOTON has already reached the ninth rank in the current automotive industry along with the top players in the market.


“You can have the money to build your business, but you can’t buy passion through it. Therefore, you must have the passion lying within you. And with the enthusiasm that FOTON La Union has been showing, I am sure that they’ll be one of the strongest performing dealerships soon.” Sytin said.
From passenger vehicles to LDT, and HDT, FOTON has already upgraded all their vehicle engines and emission system to Euro 4.


“There’s nothing to worry because FOTON is definitely ready. Apart from the cleaner emission and more powerful engine capacity through the Blue Energy Euro 4 technology, we are now more focused on building and designing our products that’s guaranteed reliable, durable, fuel-efficient, and feature-rich suitable for the comfort and needs of the Filipino businesses and families.” he added.



“We will prove to you that you guys made the right choice. We will always be here to provide the support that you need anytime of the day.” Said Sytin.


Go replied, “And being true to our promise, we will continue to empower your business.”