December 26, 2018

Thank you for your Compassion.

During the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines, the Order of Malta, a team consisting volunteers from the Department of Health, SARUF, and Pilipinas 911 with the cooperation of the FOTON Emergency Assistance Team (FEAT), answered the call of duty to provide emergency medical assistance to participants of the event.


Rescue VehicleOperation 3


The team set up tents in the Manila Cathedral and at the Papal mass in Luneta where emergency assistance was given. Despite the tight workspace and heavy rains the team was able to support those suffering from nausea, low blood, asthma, extreme cold and other health issues. Some patients were even transported to nearby hospitals for more serious conditions.


Operation 1Operation 2


This opportunity to extend a helping hand to our Filipino brothers and sisters who wanted to witness Pope Francis’ presence in the Philippines has truly been an inspiring experience for the volunteers.