December 26, 2018

Stronger than Lightning or Rain

Residents of Cabantuan, Nueva Ecija, recently caught a rare glimpse of thunderous fury as the first FOTON “Thunder 4×4 Outdoor Action Event” roared through their city for two consecutive days, from March 20 to 21, at the open Parking 4 facility of NE Pacific Mall, which ran each day from daylight hours, 10am to 5 pm.

The brainchild of FOTON Philippines’ adrenaline-driven marketing team, the activity’s main objective was to demonstrate the Thunder 4×4’s legitimate capabilities as an off-road vehicle by allowing visitors to drive (or be driven by their professional driver) around a 200-meter long dirt track, featuring dry and wet obstacles designed by the FOTON crew themselves to simulate hardcore off-roading; while enabling potential customers to experience the power of the Thunder’s unmodified Cummins ISF engine.

Two FOTON Thunder 4×4 pickup trucks were available to the public to use around the dirt track. To prove their toughness straight from the showroom, the Thunder 4×4 units were almost completely stock units, complemented only with a two-inch lift kit, necessary to traverse the most extreme section of the track, the foot-deep-transverse ditches, and slightly taller tires. No other modifications were made, particularly to the Thunder’s 160hp, 2.8L Euro-4 compliant, inline-four, DOHC CRDI engine and world-renowned GETRAG five-speed manual transmission.

Nueva Ecija, known as “The Rice Bowl of the Philippines”, is naturally arid and dusty, posing challenges to both man and machine when the summer sun is at its noontime peak. In spite of this, as each of the two Thunder 4×4 trucks would complete the course, the next one would take off, without pausing or breaking down, with a full load of passengers, and return without a hitch.

The outdoor course was strewn with obstacles that no standard sedan could ever survive; not even one with all-wheel drive: foot-high consecutive humps; alternating foot-deep ditches to demonstrate the stock Thunder’s long suspension travel; the aforementioned consecutive foot-deep transverse ditches that could only be tackled obliquely; a low, one-meter “tabletop” obstacle with steep approach and departure angles; a six-foot deep trench with a steep descent; followed by a steep ascent to an even higher tabletop; sloping rapidly into a foot-deep bog with 12-inch tall alternating humps – a real test of chassis rigidity – and, finally, a slimy, 16-inch deep mud pool that offered very little traction and grip.

The Thunder 4×4 Outdoor Action Event in Nueva Ecija is the beginning of a series of outdoor events that FOTON will bring to other parts of the country this year. It is FOTON Philippines’ first major event after the company’s recent announcement of their new five-year warranty on the Thunder and View Traveller; and coincides with FOTON’s current “Wise Price Deals” promo which will run until March 31, 2015. Under this promo, customers can get the FOTON Thunder 4×4 variant for as low as P165,000 all-in, and the FOTON 4×2 for as low as P130,000, all-in.

The FOTON Thunder 4×4 Outdoor Action Event was graced by keynote speaker Nueva Ecija 3rd District Representative, Congresswoman “Czarina” Cherry Umali, who praised FOTON for bringing such an interesting activity to her constituents, and cited specifically how FOTON vehicles have been providing years of dependable and reliable service to the various offices of their district. Admission to this event, as with FOTON’s subsequent outdoor events, is absolutely free.

The FOTON Thunder offers a high level of protection for its passengers with 4-star crash safety rating from the ANCAP and Euro NCAP; and is equipped with front crumple zones, dual SRS front airbags, and anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution.

Through these consistent and continuous efforts in marketing, sales and after-sales, FOTON has become the fastest-growing and the most promising commercial vehicle brand in the Philippines.

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