December 27, 2018


It’s the ‘most wonderful’ time of the year again, and Filipino families embrace the season with traditional decorations that include lighting the tree; it is a practice that is spreading to include the exterior of the house as well.
After a week, the lights and sounds spread skyward in quick explosions that last fractions of seconds. It depicts more of the joy of the season; however if sloppily set up, these attractions can bring real danger to life and property.
When New Year’s Day 2016 entered, a total of 760 people were victimized by firecracker- and stray bullet-accidents. One man is recorded as even hugging the dynamite-like ‘Goodbye Philippines’ firecracker until explosion, to predictable, fatal results.  Also made a mark was the huge fire that broke out in Manila’s Tondo slum district, where a firecracker sparked a blaze that burned down 1,000 shanty homes and displaced thousands of families.
In anticipation of these incidents, hospitals put on “Code White Alert” for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, maintaining a full medical staff complement in emergency rooms to handle the sudden surge of injured often needing immediate attention.
LGUs may not be as prepared however. Immediate response and assistance to life-threatening mishaps and fire, emergency vehicles – certainly the ambulances of private and government hospitals, but also the fire trucks of LGUs – are needed on for support.
Conversely, known as one of the prime manufacturers of all-type commercial vehicles in the country, FOTON also presents its array of emergency vehicles designed to promote safety and assistance during times of sudden danger,  known the brand’s ‘First Responders’.
Fire Truck
The FOTON Tornado 2.5 Fire Trucks are equipped with an occupant cabin that can comfortably seat 5 firemen (including the driver). It has a pumping station that can spew 30 liters of water at a height of 7m in as fast as 35 seconds, drawn from a 1200 liter water tank. Fire-retardant equipment includes a supplementary 400L foam tank. An accessory box includes axes, a crowbar, and several wrenches.
Traveller Ambulance

TOANO Ambulance



Supplementing FOTON’s First Responders team are the FOTON Toano and View Traveller ambulances –powered by the Cummins 2.8 turbodiesel engine which has proven itself in terms of durability, longevity, and maintenance.
These First Responders are also certified as Euro IV compliant vehicles geared with 5-speed manual transmissions. Both have augmented roof and wide bodies which provide the health personnel more space to perform their medical tasks-which can, without difficulty, be done because of the comprehensive set of medical equipment stored in the units.
The FOTON Toano and View Traveller ambulances are equipped with a medicine cabinet, no-slip floor, middle clapboard, single chairs (rear and front), bench, ultra violet lights, seat belts, stretcher, 15L oxygen bottle, hanging bottle rack, LED ceiling lamp, ventilator, fire extinguisher, LED alert lamp and siren, blinker, film, ambulatory bag for adult and infant, manual Aneroid blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, speaker, spineboard and 1000w inverter power supply and 220v plug.
Apart from having the hospitals and LGUs equipped with these vehicles, there must always be a constant reminder to all consumers to only buy Christmas lights and electric-powered lanterns that bear the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark to ensure a hazard-free holiday festivity.
Bear in mind that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so make your safety the top priority especially during the holidays wherein the season of happiness and togetherness prevail.