December 27, 2018

Living the #VanLife: a glimpse of the all-new FOTON Toano Limousine

This generation is in love with the idea of travelling: going on adventures whether out of town or just within the metro. But sometimes, as much as you want to drive away, turn back from the noise of the busy city; the weather, the heavy traffic, and other thwarting elements would force you to stay at home instead.


That’s why when choosing a car (or a van if you’re composed of big members, literally and figuratively), a major chunk to consider is the comfort experience while you’re riding on it. Thus, vehicle interiors play a crucial role in defining the luxury of travel. While the exterior is for others to get envious about or appreciate, the interior is what matters to the owner especially if passenger comfort is the top priority.


A fresh, and pimped out mover.


FOTON’s renowned Toano van has admirably served as hotel shuttles, airport transport services, and even Sunday cars for big families. But how about as a high-end executive limousine? That seems to have been the idea which prompted FOTON to landscape the standard 15-seater Toano van with more exquisite features where you can feel extreme comfort and convenience at in your personal living space.


Snazzy, stylish, and striking are words you usually associate with cars —but with the birth of the Toano Limousine, FOTON has baked a little of each that makes the ride suited for those who see themselves spending hours under a stress-free and relaxing roof, while moving on the road.


The might, and the height.


engine copy


Powered by FOTON Blue Energy, the FOTON Toano Limousine shows impressive performance through its 160-hp 2.8-liter Cummins diesel engine powerplant that’s paired to a six-speed manual transmission, and Euro 4 compliant for cleaner emission. It’s like the road’s great white shark – vicious, strong, unstoppable, yet ravishing at the same time.


Being one of the tallest in its class, the FOTON Toano Limousine stands nearly six feet in interior height from the floor to the ceiling. It looks fundamentally the same as the standard Toano did when it first hit FOTON showrooms as a 2015 model. It showcases parallel dimensions as well, measuring 5990-mm length, 2000-mm width, and 2415-mm height – a pretty good choice for big groups such as; let’s say sports teams, top executives, VIPs, and even extended families.


Getting in, and feeling out (of this world).




Of course, the interior is where things start to get really moist. It has also been updated with more tech, more convenience features, and a fresher look. The blue LED pin lights around the nautically-themed interiors add plentiful lighting options depending on the mood of the passengers. Looking down and around, it boasts of laminated wood flooring, sunshade van curtains plus an automatic electronic footboard for easier ingress and egress. It is also equipped with a heater, a clock and comfort meter, additional accessory power outlets, cup holders and an electronic Kettle.


Unlike the standard 15-seater Toano, the Toano Limousine’s seating arrangements has a ten-passenger setup which makes the interior even spacious. It has three seats in front (including the driver’s), two captain chairs each for both second and third row, and the back row with three bench-type seats. Take note, these seats are covered with leather upholsteries. These can be reclined, having electrical fine-tuning features that can be adjusted according to the personal requirements of height, back and seat angle not only of the passengers, but also of the driver.


DSCF0721 DSCF6202


Safe and secure travels, for sure.


The Toano Limousine also adds a litany of high-tech safety and security gears including head lamp levelizers, adjustable meter gauge backlight illumination, powered sideview mirrors, remote control power windows, front and rear fog lamps, brake lamps, LED Side Mirror Signal Lights, dual front airbags, and an ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. A 4-probe reverse sensor and camera come standard for enhanced aft awareness.


Yup, there’s more in store.


DSCF0715 DSCF0746 DSCF6380



Also a big refresh for the Toano Limousine is its innovative infotainment system. For those who find movie marathons and jam sessions on the road cool, here comes the best part. Aside from the standard radio, CD player and audio inputs, the Toano Limousine is also pimped up with a sound system that features a surrounding amplifier along with a dedicated subwoofer enclosure, all of which is balanced out with specialized interior wall noise reduction insulation. Just imagine how thrilling your ride can be with your interiors vibrating in high-fidelity audio while watching your favorite flick on a premium 23” LED TV, right?


Depending on your mood and personality, you can choose from the Toano Limousine’s variety of colors joining the palette: Phantom Black, Aurora White, Metallic Silver, Amber Bronze.


Clearly, the Toano Limousine is designed so comfortable and tech-infused that even driving it has become a luxurious experience. Better than the middling van in a number of quantifiable ways, the Toano Limousine obtains all the hallmarks of the modern pimped-up van great for your escape: a powerful train, spacious interiors, advanced active safety features, full entertainment system and of course, home-like comfort that’s out of this world.


It’s a van that you’d instantly fall in love with at first ride.
Something that would make you say that yes, it’s good to live a #VanLife.