December 26, 2018

Heat Up Your Business with FOTON Tornado’s All-in Low Downpayment Promo

FOTON also has a special offer for your business requirements. Purchase from the FOTON Tornado 2 line up and get FREE Chattel Mortgage fee, Insurance with Acts of Nature coverage, 3 years LTO Registration, matting and seat cover. The FOTON Tornado 2 variants are available for as low as Php 60,000 DP for the Tornado 2-E Cab and Chassis, Php 70,000 DP for the FOTON Tornado 2 Turbo-Cab and Chassis and Php 75,000 DP for the FOTON Tornado 2 Double Cab and Chassis.


Visit any FOTON Dealership nationwide for details.


Promo Validity: May 2, 2014 to June 30, 2014