December 26, 2018

FOTON’s FEAT joins MMDA’s Shake Drill

The FOTON Emergency Assistance Team (FEAT), a group composed of employees from FOTON Motors Philippines Inc., and United Asia Automotive Group Inc.-the Exclusive Distributor of FOTON vehicles in the Philippines, took part in the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Shake Drill last July 30, 2014. This exercise aims to prepare emergency responders for a major earthquake that may happen in Metro Manila. Among the situations that were simulated by the team were extrications of patients from the “Hot Zones” where the major damage happened, and taking them to the “Warm Zones” where First Aid can be administered.


FEAT Rescue Unit- TruckFEAT Rescue Unit- Thunder


For this particular activity, the FEAT was assigned to do the simulation in Aseana City. They did this together with other emergency responders and medical teams who were assigned different situations and tasks to simulate.


Outside of these special activities, the FEAT team has been actively providing first aid and medical care when they encounter accidents and other emergencies in the course of doing their everyday activities. Being a part of the FEAT is an opportunity for the team to serve their fellow Filipinos as part of the FOTON Family.