December 27, 2018

FOTON ushers in Euro 4 era with Blue Energy Engines

Global passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturer FOTON welcomes a new age of mobility powered by cleaner, more powerful, yet fuel-efficient engines adhering to the more stringent Euro 4 emission standard.

Bannered under its proprietary Blue Energy brand, the new engines are specifically engineered and built for FOTON Motor by iconic diesel power plant expert Cummins. Founded in Columbus Indiana in 1919, the pioneering manufacturer of engines signed an agreement with FOTON Motor in 2006 to form the Beijing FOTON Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (BFCEC). Its highly advanced plant in China makes more than 400,000 engines a year.


Blue Energy


“The company has always been committed to providing exceptional product lines through
scientific and technological innovation,” said FOTON Motor Philippines president Rommel Sytin. “Blue Energy is a continued expression of this promise – a product of earnest R&D that serves up a host of benefits such as power, durability, reliability, efficiency, and clean operation.”


The new FOTON Cummins ISF 2.8 and 3.8 Euro 4 Engines are designed to deliver lower intake temperature, prevent abnormalities in combustion, and operate more quietly – while providing improved low-end torque pulling power. The heightened performance is complemented with more frugal fuel consumption. As for emissions, the new engine features produces less particulate matter even as it reduces risk of engine damage.


Engine highlights


Five new elements define the new power plant: a more efficient turbocharger; an excellent exhaust-gas recirculation system to yield lower emission and promote more thorough burning of fuel; a new, computer-governed common rail direct injection system that results in optimized air/fuel mix; a diesel oxidizing catalyst and particle oxidizing catalyst which basically convert carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and particulates to carbon dioxide and water; and an improved turbo intercooler.


Featured vehicles

FOTON Toplander AT, Traveller and Toano vans




The all-new Thunder pickup truck Automatic


FOTON vehicles equipped with Blue Energy engines will have telltale decals to identify them. These include three variants of the popular Tornado light duty truck: the Tornado 2.4C, Tornado 4.4C, Tornado 4.8C and the newly-launched Tornado M4.2C. In the passenger vehicle segment, Blue Energized are the Toplander A/T SUV, Traveller and Toano vans, and the all-new Thunder A/T pickup. The government, through the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999, the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System, and DENR Administrative Order No. 2015-04, pursues the promotion of cleaner-emission vehicles.