July 19, 2019


“All-Day Delivery? Kayang-Kaya!”

This is what FOTON has been proving to global brand J&T Express since they started their delivery service venture in the Philippines earlier this year. Satisfied with the full-capability, notable service and practicality highlighted in the DNA of every FOTON vehicle, the Indonesian-based express delivery provider continues to acquire more trucks and vans to fulfil their logistics needs.

Last March, FOTON Philippines turned over 130 units of various trucks to the courier company. The first batch was composed of the FOTON Tornado 2E E4, FOTON Tornado M4.2C and FOTON Gratour TM – all units having the brand’s signature F-Van body most suitable for cargo deliveries.

For the 2nd quarter, J&T Express purchased another fleet composed of 60 units including FOTON Tornado 2.4C F-Van, FOTON EST-M Hurricane 4×2 F-Van, FOTON Tornado M4.2C and TransVan Cargo Vans.

“We are overwhelmed with the continuous patronage of J&T Express for our products and services. Their trust and confidence drives us to provide more than what’s expected from us,” announced FOTON Philippines President Rommel Sytin.

FOTON’s commercial vehicles are designed to deliver powerful driving performance, high durability, ergonomic comfort, as well as good transport quality and flexible body-building capability – major factors to consider when investing for a transport business.

“With our products, we also offer J&T Express delivery drivers with a slew of safety and security features that make each journey comfortable and convenient – while providing owners a multifunctional workhorse that is also friendly to those driving it,” added Sytin.

These commercial vehicles are also Euro 4-compliant. The engines come with an upgraded turbocharger, better exhaust-gas recirculation, updated CRDi, diesel oxidizing catalyst (DOC) and a particle oxidizing catalyst (POC) which promotes cleaner mobility for a healthier environment.

Sytin added, “It is an honour to be the top choice of a global brand like J&T Express. Just like our brand promise, we hope that the convenience you are offering to the Filipinos become a key to empower more businesses.”