December 27, 2018

FOTON Philippines introduces new jeepneys for PUV Modernization Program

In time for the government’s public utility vehicle modernization program, Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. rolled out the all-new Foton Jeepneys to replace the old ones which contribute to traffic, road breakdowns and pollution.


The government’s PUV Modernization program aims to replace jeepneys which have been operating for 15 years and above with new low-emitting and low-carbon PUVs. Foton is among the leading car companies to take up the challenge.


“Foton supports this program to improve the country’s public transportation system. Apart from less decongested roads which cause the daily heavy traffic, we also aim to provide safer, cleaner, healthier and fuel-efficient transport structure for Filipino commuters.” said Foton Philippines President Rommel Sytin.


The modernized Foton Jeepneys are equipped in accordance to the Philippine National Standard Public Utility Vehicle Class 2 requirements which can accommodate a total of 24 passengers (16-seated and 8-standing) excluding the driver.


These Euro 4-compliant vehicles powered by world diesel technology leader, Cummins, have fixed-bench-type seat assembly, room lamps and will be installed a working beep™ card reader that employs a tap in-tap out scheme – the first ever programmed fare collection solution made for jeepneys in the Philippines.


Also highlighted in these entries is the prioritization and designated seats for people with disability. For security and safety purposes, they are also equipped with a dashcam, a CCTV, a fire extinguisher, a GPS, WiFi connectivity, LED monitor, speakers and air-conditioning unit for the total convenience and entertainment of the commuters in transit.


Sytin noted: “This is a huge leap for the local government and other transport sectors that’s why we are considering this reform as a vast opportunity to showcase our products’ capabilities and affordability.”


“Another principal reason of our coordination is to empower the Filipinos’ employment and business opportunities to small and medium enterprises while keeping them affordable to customers which are primarily owner-drivers,” Sytin said.


By incorporating cleaner technology to quality commercial vehicles and now, public utility vehicles, Foton commits itself to providing functional and innovative transport system solutions for the welfare not only of the Filipino businesses and families, but also for a greener and safer environment.


Foton is known as Asia’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles including passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and heavy machineries. For inquiries, call (02) 459-2121 or 0999-9999998. You may also visit