February 11, 2021


As the pandemic poses more challenges, consumers are pushed to do things differently by moving on to the unprecedented New Normal. But it’s not all negative, as we have the chance to evolve the way we do things, even from afar – and now it’s the turn of FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) to drive you to a virtual customer experience in the safety and convenience of your homes.

Aiming to meet the growing demand in the digital realm, FOTON brings in innovative platforms that will connect customers to the brand, and provide them necessary information, quality services and swift assistance – all in utmost ease with just a tap away.

FOTON presents the digital world not just as a single aspect, but in a combo of 3 leveled up digital platforms:

Without having to venture out of your comfort and safe zone, you can now see the vehicle line up of FOTON up close with the newly introduced FOTON Digital Showroom – an interactive platform accessible on mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere.

Within the digital showroom, customers may walk around and take 360-degree views of FOTON commercial vehicles. Detailed specification sheets of the units are also linked in the tags per vehicle – and can be downloaded for offline viewing. Visitors can glimpse beauty shots of the interior and exterior of all the units and access their informative videos.

The FOTON showroom presents two locations: Showroom 1 that presents 6 units of Traveller XL 19-seater, TransVan HR 16-seater, TransVan 13-seater, Gratour TM 300 MPV, Thunder 4×2 A/T and the luxuriously styled Toano EX 11-seater. On the other hand, Showroom 2 showcases the tough units of Tornado M5.2C Dropside, F-Jeepney F29, Hurricane EST-M 4×2 Dump Truck, and the gigantic power-built GTL 8×4 Dump Truck HR.

Visitors may access the showrooms through http://bit.ly/FOTONShowroom1 and http://bit.ly/FOTONShowroom2 .



Boasting a new look and a more user-friendly features this 2021, the new FOTON website revs up the digital space that represents the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia. Aligned with the brand’s commitment to provide faster services, and easily accessible communication lines, it furnishes new highlight features.

The new FOTON website plays a vital role to ensure customer satisfaction by offering useful functions where visitor can check the latest news and promos, browse the complete vehicle line up, get updates on after-sales programs and warranties, visit the virtual showroom, inquire about a vehicle, find the nearest dealer and even apply for a job! Visit www.foton.com.ph now!

FOTON has made it all easier. Everything you’ll need to #EmpowerYourBusiness is now accessible at your fingertips!

Stay on top of everything and bring in more opportunities with the FOTON mobile app, which provides vital information, features and services, all in one place. Newly launched this year, the FOTON interactive mobile application features leveled up quality service through its exciting yet beneficial functions to keep your mobility on the go!

Users can conveniently browse the latest news updates, prices, promos and reserve their FOTON vehicle. You can also schedule for preventive maintenance service (PMS) with it or get in touch with the nearest dealer. You can earn points and win exciting rewards through successful referrals, services and parts availment. Download the FOTON PH App now – available for Android and IOS smartphones.