December 26, 2018


Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., also known as FOTON Motor or FOTON China, is a Chinese automotive company, with headquarters located in Changping District, Beijing, which manufactures commercial vehicles and equipment, which includes pick-up trucks, vans, light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses, agricultural equipment and vehicles, heavy equipment and construction machineries, and even new energy vehicles. It is no wonder that FOTON is considered to be the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia. The brand is ranked 34th among the Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands, and ranking top for the commercial vehicle brands.


Global Industrial Layout


FOTON is committed to producing high quality products for its customers and is continually expanding new production lines around the world based on actual market demands. By establishing modern production facilities in various countries and regions around the world, FOTON actively participates in local economic growth while realizing its strategy of becoming a global automotive manufacturer. It has the largest scale of commercial vehicle manufacturing plants in Asia, with its 11 KD factories around the world, which includes Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, and India to name a few. Add to that its 19 manufacturing plants, including 3 engine plants, throughout the key cities and provinces of China.


Over 1200 dealers have been incorporated into the Foton distribution network, including more than 300 overseas dealers. 83 Foton International representative offices and marketing offices have been established to strengthen and tend to its global business regions.


Foton pays utmost consideration to the research and development of its products, and its investment in new products accounts for approximately 2.5% of its income. It has put up 9 research and development facilities in Beijing, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan for the development of cutting-edge technology research and application. Notably, Foton owns 672 patents, including 9 invention patents, 401 utility model patents and 262 appearance design patents.


Foton’s mindset is to become a global brand. It links with world-renowned companies and modestly learns form them for mutual benefits and development. Some of its global partners are AVL, Lotus, MIM Design, Bosch, Motorola, Visteon, Eaton, Magna, IBM, Delphi, and Siemens, The most significant and noteworthy of all are with Daimler and Cummins, wherein Foton joined in on a 50-50joint venture cooperation with each forming new corporations, namely, Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. and Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., respectively.


FOTON Philippines


In the Philippines, FOTON has been distributed by United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI) since 2006. Currently, there are 22 FOTON dealerships scattered in the major cities of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


By diligently analyzing consumers’ opinions and perceptions, FOTON Philippines was able to avoid the “Chinese-car stigma syndrome” that plagued other Chinese vehicle brands by applying strict quality control procedures on the vehicles they import, effectively providing a strong system of ensuring that customers receive fault-free products. The result of this effort speaks for itself, with FOTON being the first Chinese automotive manufacturer to receive passing marks from broadsheets, magazines, radio and television shows. Foton vehicles have also won awards from independent testing groups and this publication; with each year, their products continue to improve, providing attractive and practical alternatives to private and government fleets.


Philippine Motoring Media Contingent pose with Beiqi Foton Motor Co. Ltd and United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. representatives at the Foton Cummins Plant in Beijing, China.


Not content merely with the promise of high initial build quality, FOTON Philippines further bolsters its position as the country’s most progressive Chinese vehicle brand by offering their customers top-tier  aftersales service that includes but is not limited to: competent and comprehensive technical assistance; readily available maintenance and major parts and a dedicated, on-site maintenance team for industrial heavy-equipment users. This commitment to quality, real-time service has made FOTON a popular choice with SMEs and multi-national corporations alike. Consequently, this has also led to almost all major banks confidently accrediting Foton as a reliable and trustworthy automotive brand.


For those with other light commercial vehicle needs, the FOTON Tornado Series of light-duty trucks provide durable, high-payload mobility to businesses in the logistics and similar sectors. It is considered to be one of the best-sellers in the market owing to its general versatility wherein FOTON accepts various customizations of the truck bodies. The recent inclusion of FOTON Smart Solutions – a GPS-based navigation and monitoring system – into these vehicles allows operators to minimize operating cost by identifying the quickest route to their destinations and adding an element of security to the vehicles should they depart from their course.


The award-winning, Cummins-powered FOTON Thunder pick-up truck has also received praise from several publications and is one of the frontline vehicles in the newly-formed partnership between FOTON Philippines and Pilipinas 911, a membership-based emergency response service that is overseen by their US-based 911 counterpart.

The other part of FOTON’s local success is their unmatched after-sales support, making them the secondlargest commercial vehicle distributor in the country in less than ten years. While most brands would be happy with that achievement, FOTON vows to push the overall ownership experience further by implementing their banner program beginning 2014, “FOTON Total Care” – an institutionalized customercentered program that focuses on the major pillars of FOTON’s organization.


The FOTON Total Care has five facets: culture-building and CSR, dealer enhancement programs for sales & aftersales, technological advancement, certifications & trainings, and conquest & loyalty. This is in line with Foton’s brand philosophy of “bringing value and perfection together”. It promotes culture change, altering perspectives, shifting attitudes and cultivating engagement among all FOTON stakeholders. It is geared towards enhancing its brand image through a common and positive brand experience – the FOTON experience. In a general view, FOTON Total Care simply aims to create new customers, retain its current ones, by giving the best relationship and service it can possibly give, while not forgetting its responsibility to the nation, to the industry, and to the society.


In just eight short years, FOTON Philippines has proven that Chinese vehicles can and it will compete with the rest of the world, but only because they have not taken any shortcuts – shortcuts that eventually affect the customer’s trust – to achieve that goal.


FOTON Philippines has likewise achieved international recognition from its peers and its principal. Among all the FOTON overseas distributors, the Philippines has been consistently receiving awards for outstanding sales and aftersales performance for the past 4 years. Truly, a remarkable and well-deserved achievement.