December 26, 2018

Caloocan City acquires new Fire Trucks

The Caloocan City Fire Station now boasts of 3 new FOTON Tornado Fire Trucks. In this effort to upgrade their existing fleet, Caloocan City acquired the new fire trucks so they can serve their constituents more efficiently. These Fire trucks will be on call to support the emergency fire requirements of Caloocan City and its neighboring cities and municipalities.


These FOTON Fire Trucks are equipped with an occupant cabin that can comfortably seat 5 people (including the driver). It has a pumping station that can draw 30L of water at a height of 7m in as fast as 35 seconds. Its accessory box includes axes, a crowbar, and several wrenches which will definitely come in handy during fire-rescue situations.


The Fire truck also houses a 1200L water tank and a 400L foam tank which can carry their fire-fighting ammo. The equipment is easy to use and can do their job in just 2 motions.


Last April 21, the firemen of Caloocan were trained on how to use the equipment. The different features of the fire truck was shown to them and they were taught how to operate the equipment. It is safe to conclude then that the firemen of Caloocan City are always ready to face the fires that come their way.



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