November 16, 2020



No one can prepare us for a pandemic like Covid-19, which has altered things from the way we do basic chores like purchasing groceries, taking public transportation, and even holding and attending events and gatherings. The pandemic has created numerous challenges in our way of life. But as we sail through the sea of challenges, innovation and the continuous adaptation to the new and strange circumstances constantly take place.

As basic necessities are still not as accessible as they were before, innovations in mobility and logistics have become crucial in the new normal. This brings up the potent capability and importance of courier services, cargo delivery, mobile food services, and many more.

With these innovations, FOTON Motor Philippines offers a reliable mobility solution ideal for a wide array of transportation needs including cargo movement, online business deliveries, and a lot more. Powered by 2.2L Euro 4-compliant diesel engine, the FOTON Gratour TM300 offers multiple mobility solutions for any business. Built with a high-strength vehicle structure frame and heavy-duty steel chassis, these vehicles are the perfect investment for your mobility needs.



Perfect for delivering different types of cargoes from packages, food products, to appliances or furniture – the FOTON Gratour TM300 F-Van has a rated payload capacity of 1,130kg. It also features a wide all-steel interior and side and back door that’s secured with metal locks.


The FOTON Gratour TM300 Dropside hauls a strong steel plate flat bed sheet and a 10-ft cargo length while offering easy access with its three droppable-sides. It offers no-limit cargo height capacity which caters to the requirements for “lipat-bahay” services, glass and steel manufacturing, hardware supply deliveries, and LPGs. It is also perfect for carrying essentials like drinking water, fruits and vegetables, medicines, among many others.


Flexibility at its finest – the FOTON Gratour TM300 MPV can transport passengers or cargo. It features a spacious interior and leg room which can carry as much as 16 passengers. It can also serve as a delivery vehicle with its foldable seats, offering extra spaces for bulk loads.



The FOTON Gratour TM300 Wing Van will bring you flexible services with its three liftable doors. It can store and serve as a mobile kitchen, mobile tindahan, mobile palengke. It can also provide services as a mobile school truck or a mobile food truck.



Transportation has been one of the challenges during the lockdown and FOTON’s Class 1 F-Jeepney can be the perfect solution for your modern transportation needs from PUV modern jeepneys to company shuttles.

Commuting rides are much more comfortable and enjoyable with its modern technology features – CCTV Cameras, Beep Automatic Fare Collection System, Air-conditioned Interiors, Portable Wifi, GPS Tracker.


If you’ve been looking for commercial vehicles to empower your business, the FOTON Gratour TM300 is reliable yet affordable transporting partner on the road. For commercial vehicle inquiries, the FOTON hotlines are always active. You may reach out through any of the following contact points: Facebook page @FOTONPhilippines, mobile phone 0999-999-9998, or through email