Joining Forces for World Class Delivery



FOTON has established long-term cooperative relationships with partners such as BOSCH, Lotus, Motorola, Daimler and Cummins, among others, in order to ensure that every vehicle produced by FOTON boasts the very latest technological innovations, delivering optimum performance, superior safety features, enhanced functionality and unparalleled affordability to consumers all over the world.


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Established in 2008, the Beijing FOTON Cummins Engine co., Ltd (BFCEC) is a 50:50 Joint Venture between FOTON and Cummins, set up to produce light-duty diesel engines. The total project investment is over R3 billion. BFCEC is Cummins largest production base, and one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated production bases of light-duty diesel engines in China, with an annual capacity of 400,000 units.


The ISF 2.8 turbo-diesel is the first light commercial vehicle engine to be prduced by Cummins. The FOTON Thunder has been specifically designed with this latest addition to Cummins legendary range of diesel engines in mind. With high torque and power for its size and weight, the light-duty ISF 2.8 turbo-diesel meets stringent worldwide on-highway and off-highway emission standards, including Euro IV and above. The ISF 2.8 turbo-diesel produces 360Nm of torque, has an average fuel consumption of 8L per 100 kms, accelerates from 0 to 1000km/h in 13.5 seconds, and has a maximum speed of 160km/h.


With three years of R&D behind it, the FOTON Thunder is the next-generation of multi-purpose pick-up, engineered with sustanability in mind. Backed locally by Bidvest and Imperial, and powered by the extremely reliable ISF 2.8 turbo-diesel engine, the FOTON Thunder has real backbone, delivering class-leading torque, and, with its state-of-the-art hyper-strong chassis, can load up to 1 tonne of goods and tow up to 2.25 tonnes with ease. The FOTON Thunder is larger and more comfortable than the current market leading Trucks, has 4-wheel drive for exceptional off-road performance and is perfect for individuals looking for a vehicle the can be used for both work and play. Professionals and organizations looking for a flexible transport solution with off-road capabilities need not look any further. The FOTON Thunder combines power, performance, precision engineering plus bold good looks, and is a true legend in the making.