Thunder Drive Beyond Borders


The FOTON Thunder is the next generation of multi-purpose utes and combines power, performance, precision engineering plus bold good looks. A true legend in the making, the Thunder is built in one of the largest and most advanced factories in the world and is the result of the most thorough and comprehensive research and development programme ever undertaken by FOTON.


To ensure that the new FOTON Thunder met the expectations of 4×4 drivers in markets all over the world, the R&D team assembled to design and build the Thunder not only included the very best Chinese experts but also numerous engineers from Japan, Europe and the USA. Indeed, the development of this all-terrain workhorse included the input and expertise of more than 30 international component suppliers, including Cummins, Bosch, Continental, ZF, Dana, Getrag and Borg-Warner.


As part of the final phase of the R&D process, 120 Thunder prototype vehicles were subjected to 16 performance indexes, over one-hundred thousand kilometres of endurance exercises and a total of more than a million kilometres in various high-temperature, high-altitude and extremely cold environments. Central to the engineering philosophy behind the Thunder was a focus on sustainability, and this all-tough ute matches Euro IV emissions standards. Truly, this ute is built for the future.




Strength & More Strength

The Thunder embodies freedom and confidence thanks to its incredibly strong and durable design. Its solidity comes from its ladder-frame construction, rigid chassis and reinforced steel body, while its superior balance and stability comes from its independent double wishbone front suspension and parallel leaf spring rear suspension. Indeed, the exceptional articulation and wheel travel of this vehicle not only ensure that the wheels are always in contact with the ground, but, combined with its low-range gearbox and powerful engine, make the need for a diff-lock completely obsolete. This is no suburban cruiser. The Thunder has been designed to tackle the most extreme off-road conditions and most intensive work. With its large 1520mm x 1580mm x 440mm (LxWxH) load bay, you can carry up to one tonne of just about anything you need to, from commercial tools and equipment to appliances, furniture or even a quad bike.


For added convenience, the Thunder features a pushbutton that operates the drive selection options; 2High and 4High can be selected at speeds up to 80 kilometres per hour, but the vehicle must be stationary before selecting 4Low. Add tough body shape, up to 30% maximum slope off-road performance, a minimum ground clearance of 210mm, respective approach and departure angles of 28° and 23° and a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes, and the Thunder is your ultimate transport solution, on- and off-road.


The Thunder has high specification levels in areas such as active and passive safety and telematics. In the final phase of R&D that created the Thunder, prototypes were subjected to numerous performance indices, including noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), crash testing, as well as durability and reliability evaluations. Each prototype covered more than 150 000 kilometers over rough roads, in mountainous terrain and on motorways as part of this process.





Space & Comfort

The Thunder has not only been engineered to conquer the most extreme terrain, but to get you and passengers to your destination in absolute comfort. With a large internal cabin and five person seating capacity, (one of the most spacious in its class of vehicles), one engineered to insulate you and your passengers from outside noise and vibration. Within this roomy and quiet cabin, your passengers will always be comfortable and entertained thanks to the Thunder’s air-conditioning, ABS brakes with EBD, and 4 speaker sound system with AM/FM radio, CD player plus AUX + USB audio input, and handsfree Bluetooth (Luxury model only). The rear seat base can be folded upright to sit against the backrest via a unique cantilevered hinge, providing access to storage compartments under the seat. Thanks to the remarkable stability of its suspension, your ride will always be smooth.




Power & Performance

The Thunder is the first light commercial vehicle in the world to be powered by a Cummins ISF engine, the latest addition to Cummins’ legendary range of reliable and resilient engines. With the Cummins ISF 4-cyclinder 2.8 litre turbo-diesel engine under its bonnet, the Thunder is one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. With high torque and power for its size and weight, the light-duty ISF diesel engine is ideal for weight sensitive and size constrained applications. The engine integrates advanced thermal engineering and emissions technology, has reduced noise levels and vibration and includes an electronic integration and control module, a wastegated turbocharger, and a Bosch full electronic control high-pressure common rail fuel injection system.



Advanced thermal engineering has made the ISF capable of running at high operating temperatures, reducing the size and cost of the vehicle cooling package, while Superior Analysis Led Design has resulted in the lightest and the strongest engine in its displacement class. Combined with a Getrag gearbox for improved transmission efficiency, this engine’s revolutionary design makes the Thunder a high performance vehicle with low operating costs. The ISF 2.8 turbo-diesel meets stringent worldwide on-highway and off-highway emission standards, including Euro IV and above, produces a potent 120kW power output and 360Nm of torque from only 1800 to 3000rpm, has an average fuel consumption of 8.2 litres per 100 kilometres, accelerates from 0 to 100kmph in 13.5 seconds.