CFP Celebrates Christmas with Foton

Every year it has been a tradition of Center for Possibilities, Inc. to celebrate Christmas in a special way by sharing it with special children. Every year, CFP makes it a point to always include these children especially the abandoned ones in their Christmas celebration to give them joy and bring out priceless smiles in their faces.


Last December 11, 2010, CFP help its annual Christmas Party at Reach International School in Makati. Special abandoned children from Virlanie Foundation were invited; as well as children from Cottolengo Filipino headed by Fr. Julio Acuesta. Also present were the CFP Futkal Team headed by Coach Peter Amores, a sports team composed of street children sponsored by CFP Founder Dolores Cheng that won in the recently concluded Football for Good Challenge.


CFP hosted the party and gave away lots of goodies to the kids who in return displayed their biggest smiles and grins. Foton was also there to support CFP’s cause by bringing and handing over gift boxes to the children.


Center for Possibilities Inc. is a non-profit organization that is committed to become a haven of hope for children with developmental disabilities and their families. Since 2008, CFP has been conducting series of projects that cater to the needs of special children with physical and mental disabilities and have launched a series of support groups for parents and families of special children. “Being able to share our blessings to these kids, it gives us a different meaning of Christmas. Seeing these children smile over little and simple gifts will really change the way you see Christmas”, a CFP member, adds.


For people who are interested to help out or join the group’s activities, please visit Center for Possibilities, Inc. website, or call 7255132 or 7231242